Applications Engineer Interview Questions

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“calculate the voltage in the given Om amp.”

“Did your peer or supervisor ever find a fault with your work. What did you do?”

“What are the benefits of inheritence?”

“What would be called if you have a variable 'x' in your workspace in MATLAB and a function 'x' stored in the MATLAB directory when you type 'x' in the command window?”

“What if you can not figure out the problem when you are sent to solve our customer's device?”

“How do you think calculators give an answer to mathematical operations like SIN, COS?”

“What is the frequency response of different types of capacitors and why would you use one or the other? (Ceramic, electrolytic)”

“Give and example of a professional situation that you view as a failure and how you corrected the issue and what you learned from it.”

“What are your interests?”

“Example of multiple responsibilities”

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