Applications Sales Representative Interview Questions

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“Walk us through a memorable deal.”

“When you started your career at your current employer where did you see yourself in 5 years?”

“There weren't any "tricky" questions, just the usual explaining your last job and responsibilities, why Oracle? Why should we choose you? stuff like that, but mostly really pretty laid back. They…”

“Describe a sale that didn't go according to plan and had more hurdles than usual?”

“Asked about methods used to "cold call" potential new customers.”

“Role play - "Can you sell me on the last product you sold at your last company and tell me why I should buy it from you today?" Oracle is big on role-playing, so be prepared to role play a sales…”

“i think the most difficult question was for to walk them through a complicated sales cycle, how I handled it and what was the result. Sounds simple right? Well like I said you are being evaluated on…”

“This role is all about closing higher-volume, lower-value transactions so they want to hear you really nail an understanding of the basics like budget, authority, need, timing, etc.”

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