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“Why do you feel you should work for Annese? Wasn't difficult just caught off guard when it was asked, was mixed with other questions that made it unexpected at the time.”

“"Why would you leave the security of your current job to come here -- and how would you feel if, after a few weeks or months, we decided it wasn't working out and we let you go?"”

“How would you proceed when given a product outline from product management”

“How do you choose technologies? Do you consider organization capabilities to deliver or the market for the technologies? Which one do you prefer most?”

“How would you import csv files into Salesforce from an external source that are kept on a FTP server?”

“Give me a time when you dealt with adversity and how you dealt with it.”

“Draw a database schema based on this image of our product.”

“Not difficult, per se, but unexpected: one interviewer asked me to name several different sorting algorithms and rank them by their computational complexity. Unexpected because I've never had such a...”

“What patterns have you used/know about?”

“What technical problem did you solve as part of being an architect ?”

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