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“A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?”

“How do you determine if the light switch works in a refrigerator with the door closed?”

“If water in a well rises 2 feet each day and falls 1 foot each night, how long til the water reaches the top of a 10 foot well”

“On a clock, what is the difference in the angle of the minute hand and the hour hand when the clock shows 3:15.”

“You are in a room with 3 switches which correspond to 3 bulbs in another room and you don't know which switch corresponds to which bulb. You can only teleport to the room with the bulbs and back...”

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“Why are manhole covers round?”

“If you were in a dark closet with 49 white socks and 1 black many socks would you pick so as to ensure that you exit the closet with a pair of similar colored socks”

MWD at Schlumberger

Aug 28, 2010

“how many cubic feet of water is in a 9 inch dia pipe 100 feet long.”

“Name 5 things you could use a gallon of water and a styrofoam cup for that don't involve holding water.”

“What are you most proud of? What has been your biggest failure? Name 4 days that start with T. and What are the ways of heat transfer? Explain what factors affect conduction.”

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