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“What is the most creative solution you had to a problem?”

MWD at Schlumberger

Aug 28, 2010

“how many cubic feet of water is in a 9 inch dia pipe 100 feet long.”

“what is BIM? tell us your experience in BIM and what would be your assessments?”

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“I guess not really a question because I was not asked - but several times the same person said she did not think I would be happy there.”

“What is the equation for the log mean temperature difference (LMTD) and what does it mean.”

“Name 5 things you could use a gallon of water and a styrofoam cup for that don't involve holding water.”

“Do you consider yourself a patient person?”

“All of the interview questions were pretty standard, but I had some questions after my presentation that were technical (in regards to my topic) that made me a little flustered.”

“A puzzle. Create 4 equilateral triangles from 6 matchsticks of equal length”

“What are you most proud of? What has been your biggest failure? Name 4 days that start with T. and What are the ways of heat transfer? Explain what factors affect conduction.”

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