Architectural & Engineering Services interview questions

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“1. Tell us about a project you failed in and how you fixed it.
2. What will you contribute towards gulfstream?
3. What is the main reason you chose gulfstream over other companies?
4. Tell us…”

“What is your best strength”

“None. They are straight forward and will ask about previous experience as it would relate to where they need to fill the position.”

“If you obtain this position how often would you be on the road and be willing to travel?”

“How are you going to handle conflict with employees within the branch?”

“What is the most important measurement/data with on-site wireline data acquisition?”

“What all have you done?”

“Why do you think you are the most qualified for this position?”

“Why should we hire you without construction experience?”

“You have five balls of equal size, a two sided balance scale, and one of the balls is heavier than the other. Using only two moves determine which is the heaviest.”

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