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Jul 29, 2014

Interview Question for Marketing Manager at Coffman Engineers:

“How have you dealt with a present or past confrontation in the work place?”

Jul 29, 2014

Interview Question for Field Technician at ARCADIS US:

“No technical questions, they did ask me about various courses I have taken”

Jul 28, 2014

Interview Question for Civil Engineer I at Transystems:

“On the second interview the VP of the office gave me an engineering scenario and asked how I would solve the problem.”

Jul 28, 2014

Interview Question for Multiple at BioReliance:

“You can expect most of the typical "tricky" interview questions, such as "describe a situation you had to overcome" or something along those lines.”

Jul 28, 2014

Interview Question for Research Assistant I at Covance:

“How did you handle a situation in which an unexpected setback prevented you from accomplishing your tasks?”

Jul 28, 2014

Interview Question for Senior Cost Engineer at Bechtel:

“How would you explain to a client that the reported progress was overstated and the customer was over-billed for the work performed. Do you re-forecast or re-baseline the physial earned progress.”

Jul 28, 2014

Interview Question for Traction Power Engineer at Parsons Brinckerhoff:

“They asked all behavioral questions. They gave hypothetical situations and asked me what i would do if stuck in a situation like that. For example, What would you do if you are given a project and…”

Jul 27, 2014

Interview Question for Post Doctoral Scientist at Schlumberger:

“HR asked me about my family, was I married, did I have any children, etc. It was so totally unexpected and not related to the job at all. I was caught off guard and felt that the line of…”

Jul 26, 2014

Interview Question for Project Engineer at Design Group:

“There wasn't any technical questions (at least in the first round of interview). The position required 60-70% travel and this was the toughest thing I had to grapple with.”

Jul 25, 2014

Interview Question for Accounting Manager at Buildings Old and New:

“Would I be able to get to work in the rain or snow.”