Artist Interview Questions

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“like i said there was like nothing complicated i had to anwswer”

“and if i ever worked before”

“What salary are you looking for?”

“How did I create the texture map I provided as an example of my work?”

“what would you do if you find someone stealing or trying to use abusive comments on you, due to dissatifaction.”

“did you find it worthwhile?”

“Tell me about yourself, your likes and dislikes”

“I was asked about my social networking skills and how I would go about helping to develop their artistic community, what resources i had at my disposal currently and what I thought I could bring to…”

“Are you still available?”

“I believe the womans question that was the strangest was made in an attempt to be 'funny.' She asked me if I thought of myself as a cool polar bear or a hot snake....”

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