ASIC Intern Interview Questions

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“there is a disk half painted white and the other half black. There are two sensors and the outputs of these sensors are the only signals available. How will you determine if the disk is rotating…”

“How is processor performance affected when the instruction cache hit latency increases? How do you overcome that?”

“there are 1000 wires in which any number of them can be swapped among themselves. How many bit patterns would you send at the input side to get the correct number of wires that are swapped?”

“Design a circuit which outputs a pulse when the input flips. The input is synchronous to a clock.”

“How do I connect two designs working at different clock speeds ?”


Apr 24, 2012

“Round 1
1- Two to Three Q's on Projects done
2- Designing Q - Consider inputs coming at every clock. I want the output at time = t to give me sum of all nos coming before that time. (Adder is…”

ASIC Intern at SanDisk

Apr 22, 2013

“Digital VLSI questions”


Apr 24, 2012

“Round 3
1- Add 7 bits using 4 Full Adders
2- two Pipelines runnign parallely. 128 Bit register file. 4 read ports n 2 write ports. Convert it into 4 reg files with one read n one write ports for…”

“What are the different ways of implementing a multiplexor at transistor-level? Compare them in terms of least delay?”

“Compare the power usage of a regular versus a gray code counter.”

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