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Phillips 66 Interviews  /  HQ: Houston

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Sunoco Interviews  /  HQ: Philadelphia, PA

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Johns Manville Interviews  /  HQ: Denver, CO

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Interview Questions

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Supervisor at Sunoco

Feb 14, 2010

“How would you handle a probelem technician?”

Supervisor at Sunoco

Feb 14, 2010

“What is your management style?”

“Describe a time when you overcame a difficult challenge”

“Describe a time you showed leadership”

“What books have you read recently?”

Supervisor at Sunoco

Nov 21, 2009

“What woiuld you do if you had an employee who got hurt what would you do.”

“What is the purpose of Crude Oil Refining ?”

“During the phone interview they ask you what you would do if you wanted to move a piece of equipment to one spot and the plant manager said no.”

“Why did you chose to apply for this position?”

“None of the questions were difficult. Just mainly questions about life situations that you were involved in similar to the job you are applying for.”

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