Asphalt Products Manufacturing interview questions

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“Describe a situation where you were presented with an ethical dilemma, and how did you resolve it.”

“Explain a situation where you had a problem among your team and what did you do to try and solve it.”

“Most people will probably find the case study questions difficult, since you only have a limited amount of time to answer them and construct a presentation. It's also something that you can't…”

Analyst at Phillips 66

Oct 17, 2014

“Tell me a time where you improved a process that was already in place”

“Tell how you've innovated in your work.”

Engineering at TAMKO

Oct 28, 2014

“Questions were very average, why you wanted to work there, your strengths and weaknesses.”

“What was an event that seemed like it wasn't much at the time but turned out to play a large role in your life?”

“If you had to weigh a plane without a scale or balance, how would you determine the weight of the plane?”

“"There is a contract company who does a lot of good work for the company. You know they do quality work and often don't charge the company an arm and a leg for their work. You see some of their…”

“Tell us something about Johns Manville”

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