Assistant Account Executive Interview Questions

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“Give me some details about who you are? What do you value most in a job? Describe a failure you had and how you dealt with it?”

“Went through the experience listed on resume and talked about it. Then got to ask my own questions. Bring lots of copies of your resume.”

“Asking me if I had experience in an area which I clearly did not, nor was it listed as a job requirement.”

“nothing, everything was standard”

“Why are you interested in advertising?”

“What is your favorite campaign and why? Favorite work of ours?”

“Basic questions, your strength/weakness, customer service experiences, knowledge of the industry, hobbies, more to get to know your personality than anything else.”

“They asked me to explain my resume and my past job experiences as well as asked me about why I was interested in the position.”

“How do you deal with pressure.”

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