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“If you have a 6-sided cube that has a unique color on each side (6 different colors), how many possible combinations of unique cubes are there?”

“How do you spell these various words?”

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“Expected value of the products of a six-sided die and a eight-sided die.”

“What is the expected value of a deck of cards?”

“What the probability of getting 2 consecutive heads in a total of N tosses (I found this one pretty hard and I didn't figure out the right answer at the time.)”

“Calculate 68% of 132 up to two decimal numbers without calculation”

“Have a truck starting that can carry a maximum of 1000 apples, and starts with 2000 apples at a depot. What's the maximum number of apples that can be carried across a 1000 mile desert assuming…”

“What is the expected value to you of the following game: You and another person have 3 coins each. You both flip all of your coins and if your three coins show the same number of tails as the other…”

“If you have a deck of cards split into 4 piles and was offered 1:1 odds to draw a face card (J Q K A) from at least one of the piles, would you take the game? Why or why not?”

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