Assistant Manager In Training Interview Questions

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“A scenario with different employees and their sales, salaries, and other data in the appliance department. I was asked to analyze the data and answer several questions about the data.”

“Tell me about yourself?”

“Where would you like to relocate when you finish your management training?”

“Why am I interested in Rent A Center”

“If hired on commision base, how would you ensure you make your sales goals?”

“Give me an example of a time when you took the time to share a co-worker's or supervisor's achievements with others?”

“Explane how you supervise mechandising op's”

“Do I have experience in a Leadership role and what departments have I worked in, and how long have I worked with the company?”

“What is the proper plastigage clearance for the main bearings on a 1978 Chevy 350 cid engine?”

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