Assistant Manager Interview Questions

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“what does customer service mean to you?”

“To paraphrase: "I believe your experience is light for the IT Manager position, but would you like me to put you through to the next step for the IT Manager position, a technical interview?"”

“He did ask me do I think I can handle a heavy workload. BTW this was only my first interview with them. Not sure if he will call back or not but I will keep you updated if I were to get the job...”

“What do you think it will be like to work here?”

“why should I not hire you”

“What are your favorite PacSun brands? Or what are you favorite trends of the season?”

“Were do I want to be in 5 years”

“No questions were asked. We ended the interview after reviewing availability.”

“Tell me alittle about yourself?”

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“All questions were very basic”

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