Assistant Manager Interview Questions

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“Your store is flat. You need to do something to get the energy level in the store up. What do you do?”

“You are working in your store, and its just you and one other employee. One of you covers the register and the other covers the floor. Who does what?”

“if you have half of a brain you'll be fine.”

“"Has there ever been a time when something went wrong in your life and how did you handle it?"”

“there are 58 different personalities to deal with how do you deal with their different concerns”

“The interviewer told me that his previous assistant manager had been injured on the job when a customer had attacked her over the prize counter. He asked if I would be able to handle a situation like…”

“Why American Eagle?”

“what does customer service mean to you?”

“To paraphrase: "I believe your experience is light for the IT Manager position, but would you like me to put you through to the next step for the IT Manager position, a technical interview?"”

“An example of something you did that you weren't proud of.”

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