Assistant Researcher Interview Questions

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“Why is the Linnear regression model the best linnear unbiased estimator?”

“"Lets say we have a linnear regression function y=a+bx +e, where b is the coefficient, a is the intercept, and e is the error term. However, after more research, you suspect that the equation is…”

“How do you approach solving a problem or finding an answer to a larger question?”

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“Tell me about your experience”

“Do you prefer to work alone or in groups?”

“There were not any unexpected questions during my interview, rather they did not ask many questions, I asked more questions to them than they asked me.”

“Describe the advantages/ disadvantages of using a non standard software such as Minitab to conduct statistical analysis.”

“'Please tell me how *insert past position* will help you succeed as a researcher in our lab.'”

“How will you design a information retrival system for 50GB data in file system (no database querying allowed) to give result within 3sec always”

“Why do you have a low GPA?”

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