Assistant Teacher Interview Questions

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“Do you feel comfortable taking responsibility for the personal care of the students? Meaning: diapers and toilet assistance. Some of the students are 17 and 18.”

“What is one of your areas of weakness”

“Can you handle getting physically assaulted by clients on a regular basis?”

“person did not know how to interview so it was very easy”

“What would I do with a child having a violent outburst.”

“Imagine you have to introduce a famous American historical figure to a group of Japanese students. Now talk about that figure as if we were your students.”

“Being told by the Store Manager that he would call me back, for an interview, week after week, and never doing it!”

“You may get asked a random question like... If you were a flower what would you be and why?”

“How would you plan a class to introduce kids to the ABCs?”

“When is a time that you have had a difficult situation with a previous employer and how did you handle it?”

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