Associate Accountant Interview Questions

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“I have completed 75% of the tasks for the position in which I applied. The most unexpected question was repetitive inquiry as to the state of my college degree. I have worked in a related field for…”

“You are at a meeting and have to calculate some math in your head......(and gave 3 scenarios which require you to do the mental calculations)”

“Questions regarding 97-2 specifically amortization of software maintenance cost.”

“Unexpected: what do you pride yourself on?”

“Provide me with a time you had to complete a task, by a strict deadline, but had multiple interruptions. What did you do to complete the task and how did you handle the interruptions?”

“How do you calculate the Net Asset Value on a fund?”

“No off the wall questions... Though I had to take a timed IQ test when I arrived (this has since been tossed out -- I'm sure someone found it offensive). I remember that they asked about how I deal…”

“They asked me why I had know sense of urgency. I was told by many other members of management to slow down. That was the only negative remark I got just before my six month review. I felt like they…”

“It was not any question relating to job performance, just the continued questioning about my ability to handle stress.”

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