Associate Analyst Interview Questions

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“Which line of business do you want to work in?”

“How many tennis balls can you fit into the room you're interviewing in?”

“What do you know about the company- be prepared to know A LOT about ALL departments, I kept trying to elaborate more and more and the director was not impressed.”

“Why should we hire you instead of the other candidates?”

“What do you find appealing about New Constructs? What is least appealing?”

“can you handle 60+ hour work week”

“Are you good with numbers? give me an example.
Have you studied management or psychological theories? Give me an example of a theory you follow.
Have you ever had a set back or lost at something…”

“How many phonebooks are in the United States?”

“Please tell me about a project you had to complete in the past that you could have done better? What went wrong and what would you have done different if given a second chance?”

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