Associate Analyst Interview Questions

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“Why EMC? Why IT?”

“Implement an intersection method for two lists. After showing a brute force method, I was asked to improve upon the method and analyze time complexity for both algorithms.”

“Tell us about your work in x y z. A couple of technical questions related to the position.”

“How's your credit? Since we're in the banking industry, we can't hire anyone with terrible credit. How do you think yours will look?”

“How would you decide if a customer should get a line increase/decrease?”

“why do you feel you are qualified for this position”

“If I was an IT Consultant and had to set up 30 training rooms with 30 computers. What would you do and how many times would you met with the client?”

“Setting up a CP ( Contingency Plan), how you ever set up a CP?”

“If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”

“explain how Google and Facebook work.”

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