Associate Applications Engineer Interview Questions

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“What is the frequency response of different types of capacitors and why would you use one or the other? (Ceramic, electrolytic)”

“Do you want to be defined by what you do for a living, or make your job part of your life, and define your job by who you are?”

“Cutting edge technologies that I had used.”

“Implement HashMap class in Java. Be aware of the collision handling. Implement find_next_available_spot function in MyParkingLot class, parking lot sizes 200. 2 Sum questions; Valid Number.”

“The difficult part for me was just writing the code on the board.”

“What was one of your favorite project you've worked on?”

“One guy asked some weird questions about obscure CSS behavior. He also asked me to write the code for quicksort. Everyone else asked more normal and fair questions.”

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