Associate Consultant Interview Questions

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“Biggest challenge was when I showed up for my 3rd interview, I was told I was interviewing for a different position, which was less attractive...Partners don't seem to speak to each other there and…”

“What is the market size for light bars (the thing that holds sirens on top of police cars? Stick to police cars only.”

“All of the interviews are challenging because they are real-life business cases that the interviewer must work through. One of the more challenging ones involved some data in the software industry…”

“What is database normalization? What is denormalization?”

“Describe my experience in team or with a client”

“Describe what you expect from a lead engineer”

“Write pseudo-code for a method and then create a full database schema for the proposed senario.”

“How much money does a downtown manhattan restaurant make in a given day?”

“I found the case interviews to be straightforward. If you prepared, you'll be fine. Even if you didn't prepare much but you're just used to thinking on your feet, you'll probably be fine.”

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