Associate I Interview Questions

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“Why do you want to work for Lowe's.”

“How could you meet two deliverables that are sure on the same day? And you know you aren't going to meet at least one.”

“Do you require a lot of supervision?”

“Provide me with a time you had to complete a task, by a strict deadline, but had multiple interruptions. What did you do to complete the task and how did you handle the interruptions?”

“What are the first three things you will do if you are hired?”

“Give me an example of how you solve a problem using team work.”

“How would you respond to a customer who is searching for something, and needs to leave in a hurry?”

“What makes me qualified for this position and why?”

“Was asked to describe a time I had to ask for help on a project.”

“How do you calculate NAV?”

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