Associate Scientist Interview Questions

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“What does integrity mean to you? How do you lead from the bench? What is your experience related to this position?”

“There were no HR type questions. All of the questions were about my educational and work experience, as well as instrumentation experience. The interview was fair and easy. Very laid back.”

“Asked a situational questions, "If you found a colleague breaking a company policy, how will you respond?"”

“What does integrity means to you?
How do you lead from the bench?
What was your previous experience that related to this position?”

“What variables would you optimize in a large-scale bioprocess?”

“How do you think you can contribute to ChemRisk?”

“No real difficult questions. Lots of technical questions about cell culturing and previous research experiences.”

“Explain the chemical reaction taking place in [insert assay].”

“I don't really reminder what the asked, how I do really that there was 3 current employees that interviewed me and all from slightly diff brands. Snacks, frozen, shelf stable, etc. I know they asked…”

“Data structure, and SAS codes”

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