Associate Scientist Interview Questions

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“No real difficult questions. Lots of technical questions about cell culturing and previous research experiences.”

“How do you think you can contribute to ChemRisk?”

“Explain the chemical reaction taking place in [insert assay].”

“I don't really reminder what the asked, how I do really that there was 3 current employees that interviewed me and all from slightly diff brands. Snacks, frozen, shelf stable, etc. I know they asked…”

“What was the favorite part of your previous role?”

“What do you know about pricing”

“Data structure, and SAS codes”

“The questions about my research were well-thought out, but none of them were too challenging because they were questions I had answered before. Most of the interview questions seemed to be focused on…”

“How are you at working in a repeatitive environment ?”

“How do you convert 100 nanograms into micrograms?”

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