Associate Technical Professional Interview Questions

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“I got one question that was very unexpected: What is the definition of a circle? Seriously.”

“You have a room with 3 light bulbs in it, the switches are outside the room, you start outside the room, you can only go in the room once, how do you know which switches are for which bulbs?”

“Why is a manhole cover round?”

“You have a hefty anchor in a small boat, you throw the anchor into the water, what happens to the water level?”

“Give an example of a time you had to work out of your area of expertise.”

“None. They asked questions about my experience and background”

“The process was at the max 3 technical questions then it was all about your resume.

Name a time you were in a group and experienced a set back, how did you handle it?”

“Name a time you had to make an ethical decision.”

“Describe a time you you feel like you failed.”

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