Assurance Intern Interview Questions

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“Why do you choose PwC over E&Y, KPMG, Deloitte?”

“Tell me a time when you were in a tough situation with a group project and how you dealt with it?”

“What is one of your weaknesses ?”

“Nothing really difficult. Questions are like what is your strength/weakness.”

Audit Intern at EY

Mar 5, 2011

“How have you dealt with failure?”

“Nothing particular as I had been preparing like crazy for a week before the initial interview and three weeks before the second. I thought the behavioral questions might stump me, but answers came…”

“Tell us about a project you undertook, academic or professioal, and describe the planning, execution, and assessment phases.”

“Why PwC”

“Nothing out of the blue, just the typical "tell me about your experience" and "why do you want to work here".”

“Just the usual questions about goals, career plans, situational things, etc.”

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