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“What kind of Information Systems background do you have? What programming languages or applications are you familiar with?”

“They really didn't ask anything too tricky or unexpected at my formal interview. Rather, I think the most potentially difficult "test" I had was during my internship when another intern was brought…”

“If you were going to try to underpay your payroll tax, how would you book the transactions on your system? If you were an auditor, how would you find out if the company was underpaying?”

Audit Internsip at PwC

Feb 21, 2011

“What would you consider to be the greatest let down or failed moment in your life.”

“If you had a great idea to implement something new for a CA software product but management wouldn't take your word on it, how would you convince management to go along with your idea?”

“What does SEO stand for: This one stumped me..”

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“If we have a string of 7 characters and we can put from 'a' to 'z' in any of these places, write a program which its output is from 'aaaaaaa' to 'zzzzzzz'.”

“What are accounting principles?”

Audit Intern at MFR

Dec 19, 2011

“Describe a time when you had conflict in a group setting.”

“Brain teaser type analytical questions... Not case studies”

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