Attendance Interview Questions

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“working 24/7 nights holidays religious on weekends chronic ailments”

“If you owned the company what would you expect for attendance from your employees. How many days off would you allow in a 90 day period before you would become concerned?”

“The polygraph is 4-5 hours and pyschological the same amount of time”

“Did you have any issues with attendance at your previous position?”

“Upon entering the building, after checking in with security & getting your name badge, we lined up & a recruiter asks "Could you please tell me what year your Passport expires?" If you didn't know…”

“If you were to write your own attendance/tardiness policy, what rules would you put in place? How many absences/tardies are acceptable in a one year period, and how would you determine which is an…”

“One of the questions in group will be: What is ONE thing you learned about a person in this room?-Listening again the key along with smiling...”

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