Attendant Interview Questions

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“I should have asked more about the paragraph before presenting the announcement during the F2F interview. Eric and Debra were very patient and professional, wished I have

“If a coworker was removing items from aircraft would I talk to them about it first or report to management”

“Tell us what you know about US Airways.”

“Situation: If you were working and there was a passenger complaining about sitting next to someone of a different race, how would you handle it?”

“Nothing was difficult its a very simple interview process.”

“Questions were fairly simple- why you want to be a flight attendant,3 adjectives to describe yourself, can you follow the hair/makeup guidelines, would you have a problem working these hours…”

“How will you get to work since we don't provide free flying for you or your family for the first 90 days?”

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“Finish this sentence: I don't like it when people annoy me...”

“No question was too difficult to be answered.”

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“I am here to find out about questions for my interview...not tell you what they asked me”

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