Attorney Interview Questions

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“I was quite surprised when they gave me a test: I was to review a contract for 30 minutes and identify what was wrong with it.”

“Wonderlic comparing 50 sets of numbers in 4 minutes. My problems are visual, rather than intellectual. I don't remember interview questions, but they were pretty banal and pedestrian”

“Why do you want to move to Pittsburgh?”

“What is the minimum hourly rate you will accept?”

“Any conflicts of interest from past projects (if you're a typical doc review attorney, you've run through so many projects that you could be conflicted out of half of the Fortune 500. Best practice…”

“How would you handle a call from the press regarding a case you are handling?”

“"What is your management philosophy?"”

“How do you handle boring work?”

“Previous experience”

“What is your vision for the law as ministry?”

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