Attractions Cast Member Interview Questions

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“If you were tell a little boy that he was to short to get on a attraction, what would you do?”

“Tell us about a problem that you resolved while you were in your last job.”

“What do you believe is the most important thing about working in the parks?”

“Tell me about an experience where you helped an unfriendly irate guest?”

“What interested you to apply for a position here?”

“Do you know the tasks that will be required should you be offered tha attractions job?”

“"Are you creative?" I'm assuming they asked this to gauge how easily I could bring the "show" to life.”

“What is more important?
Getting people through fast pass?
Telling a kid that he is too short for the ride?
Answer phone calls?”

“Sometimes when customers are unhappy with a product or service, they will as for a discount or refund. People disagree on whether you should give a refund or not. What is your opinion?”

“Where would be your top pic for places to work in the parks?”

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