Audit Associate Interview Questions

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“What was the the last chapter you studied in one of your accounting classes? Explain it in full detail”

“Tell me about a time when your team members and you did not see eye to eye, disagreed, etc ... and hw did you resolve it or come to a resolution?”

“"What are your weaknesses?" was the most difficult but not so unexpected question. I would recommend everyone to be prepared to answer this question before any interview.”

“Why do you want to work for GT?”

“How would you assert yourself to gain information from a person who is unwilling to share it.”

“Nothing crazy. They just kept asking me if I could handle the hard work.”

“Talk about your most difficult project and how did you manage/ complete it”

“Why did you choose a mid-sized firm over the big 4?”

“How long would it take for a bowling ball to reach the bottom of the ocean?”

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