Audit Intern Interview Questions

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“what characteristics do you think make a good team member”

“Where you see yourself in the next 5 years?”

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“am I a good fit in this organization”

Audit Intern at EY

Apr 14, 2012

“How many pieces of candy will be sold this Halloween in the United States?”

Audit Intern at EY

Apr 7, 2014

“Tell me about a time you managed a team and things didn't work out as planned.”

“5 aptitude questions they asked me to solve that was unexpected.”

“What are signs/examples that a company can misstate an account?”

“They may ask you to describe your leadership style which can be challenging for people. Don't just say you lead by example without expanding, or else the interviewer might just take this as "I'm not…”

“Tell me about your leadership skills.”

“Explain a time when your personal ethics were challenged and how you dealt with it.”

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