Auditor Evaluator Interview Questions

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“How did you coordinate with the team to complete your area of responsibility and what was your role?”

“analyze the bookstore for college president,see if this book store is operating efficiently. Please provide thorough descriptions of the types of analyses and how these analyses could aid the college…”

“analyze the public transportation and see if its effiecient enough to meet customers' needs. What kind of information would you gather, where you would obtain this information, and why this…”

“Tell us about a time when you received constructive criticism for a job or task you performed and discuss how you handled it?”

“In this situation, what are the objectives of your audit for this government agency to ensure that they are in compliance with the applicable regulation?”

“Please describe a time when you had to learn something quickly and what was your approach? Your example should reference an assignment or project lasting one week or longer.”

“Dean wants to close school bookstore. How do you determine if a bookstore is efficient and effective? Who will be affected.”

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