Auto Claim Representative Interview Questions

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“Tell us about yourself?”

“What you tell an insured who was being charged for a car wash when vehicle was being delivered?”

“One question was a claimant was supposed to pick up his car from the repair shop on Friday but said he was in a meeting. Called on Monday to ask us to pay for the 3 additional days rental fee. The…”

“A lot of behavioral questions "Tell me about a time when....etc"”

“When was a time you had promised a customer results but could not deliver those results? How did you handle it?”

“With your major, why do you want to work here? Describe when you have had to interview people?”

“Make sure you are flexible to their needs.”

“Tell us about a time when you didn't feel so good about and outcome and how would you go back and change it.”

“All questions were expected and were not difficult. Interview team very welcoming.”

“What is the process you go through when making difficult decisions? What is the most difficult decision you've made?”

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