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“If you were a Microsoft Office program, which one would you be?”

“If you can not handle a problem with customer what will you do?”

“What will you do when you face an angry customer?”

Sales at AutoZone

Feb 2, 2010

“Would you accept an hourly rate of under 12.00 per hour?”

“Can I work weekends and late nights?”

“Selling a battery to a customer,what would you asking as something else that they need to buy or check to fix their problems and have a good customer satisfaction?”

Mechanic at Pep Boys

Jan 13, 2013

“he asked what took me so long to get in to see him for the interview....”

“Stadndard (google) interview questions”

“there are no difficult questions. even the hiring managers don't know the first thing about auto repair or parts.”

“Have you ever had a conflict at work and how did you handle it?”

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