Automotive Parts & Accessories Stores interview questions

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“Describe the basics of the A/C system.”

Cashier at Sam's Club

Nov 16, 2013

“What is your weakness?”

“How would you deal with a rude costumer?”

Cashier at Sam's Club

Jun 7, 2014

“What would you do if a member is dissatisfied with the services, products, or personalities of a sales associate?”

“Describe a moment were you felt like you could not help a person and why?”

“Describe a situation on we're you we're able to help a person”

“How do you feel about the University of Alabama? Not sure how it relates to anything but very important within the department. Trick question.”

“Caught off guard when asked about family members and children.”

“Have you ever stolen anything for a company that you worked for.WAS A VERY LONG TEST FOR SUBSTANDARD PAY.The hardest part is getting through the1 hr long online test which was more interested in…”

Project Manager at TBC

Jul 17, 2013

“How have I addressed a challenging client in the past - very standard question .”

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