Automotive Parts & Accessories Stores interview questions

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“What do you know about our company?”

“do you know much about car parts?”

“Name the Components of an Ignition”

“Can you lift 100# and carry it up 3 stories.”

“I was asked of what personality of a boss I would prefer.”

“It's a pretty laid back interview process. I asked for more money than they typically paid new employees. They are desperate for higher quality people that know the body shop business, so they…”

“Talk about a time in the past when you have disagreed with another person you work with and you were able to come up with a solution that made you both happy with the outcome.”

“The person I was going to 'direct-report' to, never read my resume, just shuffled it over and over again and asked me questions about 'coding' - which had nothing to do with the job I was there for.”

“Why Autozone?”

“what are you long term goals?”

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