Avionics Engineer Interview Questions

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“"Technical challenge" - with two anxious interviewers staring at you across a table provide code / pseudo code of how to reverse a linked list in five minutes or less with them showing visible...”

“Most of the questions I was asked weren't about my technical experience (although my experience was naturally discussed). Most of the questions from the managers I met with pertained to how I dealt...”

“detailed circuit analysis”

“A 20 minute presentation covering a past design project that demonstrated my expertise for the position.”

“Actually, all questions were relevant and sort of expected for the particular area that I wanted to work in.”

“The white board thing was strange and I didn't get the point. It was by far the most difficult interview I've ever had”

“Tell us about a disagreement with your and another coworker?”

“You have a straight Hydraulic Line and two pressure transducers attached perpendicular to that line, one is reading 20 volts, and the other is reading 80 volts. Describe the process you'd take...”

“What sort of obstacles do you encounter on a daily basis as a lead for a large software development program?”

“What kind of maintenance work have you done on your car?”

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