Avoid Interview Questions

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“It wasn't really a question, but I was absolutely shocked and appalled that the director mentioned to me how he hates conflict and will just avoid it.”

“Why do you want to work for us?”

“Provide details in terms of how web server and AP server works.”

“None were hard. what did playing a college sport teach you?”

“Can you use a computer (seriously)”

“How do you stay focused when you can't reach the C- level managers that you are trying to speak with on the phone?”

“None really just same questions over and over. Very long process”

“Not really applicable, since all questions are technical, hence expected.”

Recruiter at Etech Hi

Oct 7, 2014

“All questions were irrelevant and unprofessional. Can you use MS Office? LOL”

“They try to trick you with a roll playing "demonstration" where they are searching for only specific answers that they have in their heads. If you are a mind reading robot with no soul, you will fit…”

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