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BA at RAM Technologies

May 18, 2012

“There weren't any really difficult questions - but one of the interviewers asked what would set me apart from the other candidates?”

“Technical Question”

BA at Bridge Capital

Feb 14, 2015

“Why do you wanna work here?”

BA at Alpha Consulting

Apr 15, 2015

“Past experience”

“There were no difficult question relating to the job but only relating to working late hours.”

“How did you handle conflict during discovery?”

“How would you store data to calculate performance during a conversion to a new system? would you store the performance calculated by the current system or would you use the new system to calculate…”

BA at Electro-Motive

Jun 10, 2009

“Explain the steps for consignment process”

“what did you do at your previous company”

“what is the difference between SAX and DOM parsers. which one is better”

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