Backend Engineer Interview Questions

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“How do you check the performance of a SQL table and optimize it.”

“What tools do you use while checking the performance of your code.”

“Writing a search ranking engine with predictive models and geolocation.”

“Coding over the phone as listed in the description”

“One interviewer asked about parallel communication with global variables. Specifically, if two parallel processes are trying to update some global variables, how should the global vars be locked…”

“The platform reject any kind of trivial solution so they must scale to be considered correct.”

“A basic probability question”

“Just normal algorithm questions. Talk with a senior about some sql problem. Since this is a position for the backend of their games, he asked something about real problem they've met”

“This is a design question, they asked me to design a server control system for a survey website, there would be two basic functions, one is next() and the other one is getQuestions(), the next…”

“They asked me to scan a string and return true if it could be divided into substrings that all appear in a dictionary. Then I had to identify its complexity at 2^n and improve it.”

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