Backroom Team Member Interview Questions

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“Probably the classic "What's you biggest weakness." Not really unexpected, but usually difficult.”

“Name a time you failed at something, and what you did about it?”

“Describe a time when you were challanged by your work and tell how you overcame it.”

“I was asked what would I do if a customer asked me to help reach a product that would take me away from taking meticulous inventory, thus losing count and setting me back 15 minutes.”

“How would you deal with a guest asking to find a specific item in the store?”

“What would you do if customer states the item that you just rang up is wrong?”

“The only reason the questions were difficult was because they are all situation-based questions. So you have to think of circumstances that relate to the questions quickly.”

“Their interview is easy and no trick questions involved”

“All were pretty basic and easy”

“The one question that I have trouble with is the "Why do you want to work for our company?" Any interview I go to that they ask this question always makes me nervous.”

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