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“A user is having trouble downloading a file from the file server - it downloads but it does so extremely slowly. What could be the problem?”

“[Case interview]”

“Let's say I'm your manager and you get hired at Bain. At the end of one year, what will I write in your performance review?”

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“Describe this project on your resume?”

“I found the case interviews to be straightforward. If you prepared, you'll be fine. Even if you didn't prepare much but you're just used to thinking on your feet, you'll probably be fine.”

“What is your favorite telivision show?”

“Do you mind people treating you bad, ignoring you or snapping at you?”

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“You operate a trucking company that ships supplies between Las Vegas and Los Angles. How would you think about growing revenues?”

“Describe MVC pattern and why it is used?”

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