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Bain & Company Interviews  /  HQ: Boston, MA

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Bain Capital Interviews  /  HQ: Boston, MA

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Bain Staffing Services Interviews  /  HQ: East Point

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Bain Interview Questions

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“Estimate how many windows are in New York”

“What is the exact angle formed by the hands on a clock when the time reads 9:30?”

“Estimate the frozen banana market in NYC?”

“What market should a mass retailer enter”

“Assess whether we should enter the gas station industry/convenience store in a local area. Do market sizing. Assess market structure. Key Drivers. How to improve the profitability.”

“A round 2 case with the Partner. Case was about VAT (sales tax) recovery option for foreign tourists in a country. The agency that handles the VAT recovery is an investment target for a private...”

“What is your favorite telivision show?”

“Find breakeven point with two cars (Prius and Pontiac G6) given MPG, wanted to know how long in years given miles driven per week”

“How many cardboard cutouts does coca-cola purchase to put in grocery stores, etc. per year?”

“Being flat-out told "You're wrong. Why are you wrong?" in a case with a partner.”

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