Bank Examiner Interview Questions

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“When is a time you had to demonstrate leadership when a co-worker was not cooperating?”

“a lot of leadership and group scenarios- all fit. the technical qs were in multiple choice test form.”

“Describe a project or assignment, either at work or school, which required heavy analysis.”

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“tell me about when you had to overcome a difficult team member and what you did about it.”

“give an example when a change at the workplace have completely change my way of doing something, and what I did to overcome it.”

“questions about travelling, the impact in your life style. If I cnsidered relocation for training (5-8 months)”

“How do you deal with a stressful environment and personal conflict?”

“Explain the CVA capital charge requirement in Basel II and how it differs from the CVA charge in Basel III.”

“Why is VaR a useful metric for large banks?”

“Tell me about a time when you needed to make an ethical decision”

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