Bank Teller Interview Questions

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“desrcibe your past work experience”

“Why did you leave your previous employer”

Bank Teller at TD Bank

May 30, 2012

“What do you think tellers do.”

“how would you respond to a customer who looks agitated and wants the transaction done a.s.a.p. ?”

“How would you ensure customer confidentiality? They will give you a hypo--if a man comes into the bank in the morning and you see his wife come into the branch later that afternoon, would you mention…”

“what would you do if you are facing a problem with a customer and don't know how to proceed ?”

“How do you see yourself in 5yrs”

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“At Chase we focus on customer service. What is great customer service to you.”

“Describe a situation where you had to deal with an mad or tough customer and how did you deal with the situation.”

“How would you handle a difficult customer?”

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