Banking Associate Interview Questions

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“Pre-deal situation
BuyCo plans to acquire 100% shares of SellCo in a stock-for-stock transaction.
BuyCo has a net income of $300,000 and 100,000 shares outstanding
Market shareprice of BuyCo is…”

“Describe the LBO process?”

“How would you go about valuing a company in an industry you know nothing about?”

“What is your biggest weakness”

“Why did you get such a low GMAT? (I have 720)”

“If you were a kitchen appliance, what sould you be?”

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“Just wanted details of want i have done so far”

“I was expecting very technical questions but did not get any questions i thought were hard.
In retrospect, i think they expect you to be pretty smart after getting your mba from a top school.

“What makes you superior to the other candidates?”

“Describe how you would handle a difficult customer on the phone”

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