Banking Center Assistant Manager Interview Questions

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“Tell me about a time when you were faced with difficult scenario and how you dealt with it.”

“Give them examples about how to treat the customers in differents situations”

“Coaching role play with a teller who has been performing low in certain areas and improving in others.”

“What makes you a strong candidate for this position?”

“Explain a time where you made a poor decision at work and how was it handled/ what did you learn from it?”

“How do you deal with a difficult employee in your current job?”

“Had to supply my HS diploma even thought they already had my College Degree.”

“The questions are pretty random, there really is no difficult question”

“If I read something in the newspaper about Bank of America, how would you explain it to me?”

“If I was a customer coming into your branch and notice you are short staffed and don't have that many tellers, but yet another financial insituation down the street is fully staffed with many...”

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