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“How to measure 9 minutes using only a 4 minute and 7 minute hourglass”

“How many numbers between 1 and 1000 contain a 3?”

“how many combinations that have at least one five from zero to 1000”

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“We have a pond containing a single bacterium. The number of bacteria double every 5 minutes, and the pond is full of them in 24 hours. If we started with the same pond but two bacteria, how long will…”

“Suppose you are the BA and the technical manager does not agree with you on the solution. He wants to build a Java application instead of using SharePoint. So how you go about talking to him?”

“There are 10 stacks of 10 coins each. 9 of the stacks contain coins that weigh 1g each. The other stack contains coins of 2g each. The coins look the same. We have a scale that we can get a…”

“If a bond is trading above par, the YTM is greater, less, or equal to the market's yield?”

Teller at Wells Fargo

Oct 4, 2011

“In the group interview, we had to pair up, then introduce and "sell" each other to the rest of the room (dumb, but not hard). Really, they are more concerned with how you do than what your partner…”

“what do you think is the most important part of sales”

“You have a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and a Cash Flow statement. If you could choose two out of the three statements, which two would you choose and why?”

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