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Hostess at Kona Grill

Jul 9, 2014

“Why do you want to work at Kona Grill, above all other restaurants?”

“Can you start tomorrow”

“What do you like and dislike about working in a corporate environment?”

“Why Kona Grill? What can you tell me about our company? What goals for advancement do you have? Why do people like you? Provide examples of how you have managed difficult situation in the past with...”

“How would you cope with people coming at you from all sides with requests.”

“Think back to a time when you had to help an angry customer.”

“Asked me to specifically explain a situation where I shined, or proved my worth.”

“Give me an example of you using team work?”

Server at Kona Grill

Sep 10, 2014

“Name a time in which you were creative with a order while serving?”

“Can you lift more than 10lbs”

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